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Hi! I'm Emily.

Thanks for being here.

Theories, musings, and a bit about me.


Let's take a walk and take some photos! My name is Emily, and I'm a photographer based out of the Okanagan valley, BC. I'm also a high school art and English teacher, a hobbyist potter and painter, a nature-lover, wife to the best guy, and mama to 2 beautiful kids. 


I'm all about finding beauty in the small moments, and finding magic in the ordinary. I read, recently, a quote by Brene Brown. It said, "Joy comes to us in the ordinary moments." Take a second to revel in that bit of truth! There is so much magic to be found in the ordinary moments that make up our lives. I'd love to get to know you, and to help you capture all the moments; the tiny moments, the quiet moments, the big, loud, life-changing moments- they all deserve to be celebrated!

Here's what you should know about me :

1) LET'S MAKE THIS AN EXPERIENCE. I want your photo experience to be the most fun you've had in a while. My goal is to get you laughing, dancing, cuddling; when you leave our session, your cheeks should physically hurt from smiling. I want you to feel even more in love with yourself and your people by the end of our photo experience. 

2) DARK ROOM ROOTS. I was born and raised in the Okanagan, BC. In high school I fell in love with black and white darkroom photography, and an old Pentax 35mm film camera that belonged to the school art room. I spent time in the darkroom at lunch and after school, excited about the tonal range of a photo, or crying over a roll of film that was accidentally exposed to light prematurely. 

3) LOVE FOR ART, LOVE FOR LEARNING. During my post secondary journey, I spent some time in a Fine Art degree, dabbled in 2-D media; painting and film/darkroom photography. I made a last minute switch to a major in English, and ultimately graduated with a BEd; a high school and middle years English and Art teacher. I've taken my photography from film to digital, but my love for capturing moments remains the same.

4) ADVENTURE. STILLNESS. I love hiking, back-country camping in the alpine, (want to get married in the mountains? Hey, I'll be there to capture some mountain magic!) painting, making pottery and doodling. I love rainy-day road trips, sitting by the ocean and I love Oat-milk Chai Lattes at my favourite coffee shop. It's important to me to balance the noise with stillness. I believe in practicing mindfulness and gratitude, and finding equilibrium and healing in nature.

5) ABOVE ALL, FAMILY. I love my family; my husband and my babies. They are my heart, and the reason I'm driven to do what I love!

6) LET GOI want to encourage my clients to let go of expectations going into sessions with me. Forget what you think you should look like. Just be your radiant self. Don't worry that your kids aren't sitting still or smiling like you think they should be. Let them be wild! Let go of how you think your photos should look, enjoy the moment, allow yourself to be present; the natural moments will be where the magic happens and the results will be beautiful!

7) LASTLY...I love taking photos of it all; all of it. Because often what you think of as ordinary is the MOST beautiful.

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